About Us

Exemplary Piercing in Charlotte, NC

Our artists provide the best service that no other tattoo shop in Charlotte, NC could offer. They have the most advanced skill for the craft and are trained to give exemplary service that is incomparable to any other tattoo parlor in Charlotte, NC.

Tattoo Bill

Tattoo Artist and Owner

William Guy Thigpen. My friends call me Bill. I am a 3rd generation tattoo artist. In October of 1999, I became owner and operator of Tattoo Bill's. My experience in tattooing began when I was a child. My father and grandfather were tattoo artists, so I guess you can say I was born into the business. I also am a Marine Corps veteran, former police officer, a 32° Mason and an Oasis Temple Shriner. My son Chris is also in the business as our family's 4th generation.

Chris Thigpen

Body Piercer

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC for 30 years. I am 4th generation in the business and Bill is my dad. I have been piercing for 11 years. I specialize in traditional and exotic body piercing.

Tattoo - I am the store mascot. I have been at Tattoo Bill's for more than 11 years. I can talk and have over a 100 word vocabulary. My friend "Simon" has recently joined me, so come in to hear what we are talking about.

Franklin G. Thigpen CLS

Certified Laser Specialist

Tattoo Bill's Tattoo Removal was founded by Franklin Thigpen, a lifetime Charlotte resident who realized there is an undeniable need for affordable tattoo removal services now and in the future. Our business concept is simple…remove tattoos at affordable rates, utilizing the best laser equipment and certified laser technicians available. We do not perform any other type of aesthetic laser treatments. We believe that by focusing on tattoo removal exclusively, we will become the premier laser tattoo removal center in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. When I decided to open Tattoo Bill's Tattoo Removal, I mandated we use only the best laser. I personally tested four other types/brands of tattoo removal lasers and quickly realized the Medlite C6 cannot be beat for removing unwanted tattoos. This laser can remove all colors of the spectrum when the unique hand pieces are used.

Megan Adams

Microblading Specialist

Hello, I’m a Microblading Specialist. I specialize in microblading and combo brows (microblading with a mix of shading) I’ve been involved in the beauty industry since 2011. I’ve attended the cosmetology program at LBWCC in Alabama in 2010 as well as the microblading/microshading course with Lux Brow Academy in 2018! Making my clients feel happy and beautiful is the most rewarding part of my job!!!

Alannah Perryman

Cosmetic Tattooist

I am a permanent cosmetic tattooist. I have specialized in the beauty industry for over 6yrs. I studied and was licensed in the beautiful town of Boca Raton, Fl. I graduated from ACAS academy and this is where I learned the art at its finest. My area of expertise is with the tattoo Powderfill Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip liner, Full lip color and specialty Lip ombré! I live,work,breathe this beauty breakthrough!

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