With the ability to finally spoil myself in my early 40’s and my kids grown up, it was time for daddy to get some new ink done. I turned to Tattoo Bills. I’m so glad i did. Bill and his sons that run the shop are stand up guys. Friendly, helpful and just all around cool dudes. Michael, my artist, hand drew the picture i brought in on my leg and killed it man. So happy with his work. Not only was he extremely talented but as a person he was actually awesome to have a conversation with about just life. I had an amazing experience here. The shop is clean and organized. Even the other artists in between customers came into the booth and talked with me and offered insight on the tattoo and talked with me and made me feel very comfortable. It’s a busy shop and in high demand so make an appointment. I had my work done 3 days ago and I’m ready to go back and get the other stuff i wanted. I almost can’t wait to go back. They bring back that addictive tattoo feeling that gets lost with bad service, douche bag artists and dirty booths. I love this place and HIGHLY recommend it to 1st timers and seasoned tattoo goers alike. WTF are you waiting for? Call and make an appointment already! There isn’t a better shop in the Charlotte area as far as I’m concerned.

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