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Microblading implants medical grade pigment to mimic natural hairs in the eyebrows. Unlike normal tattooing, microblading is a technique where pigment is penetrated delicately under the skin with a small manual tool. This tool is equipped with tiny needles for hair strokes, creating a natural multi-dimensional look. 

At your appointment, Jasmine will craft a pigment to match your original brow color. This service is ideal for blonde or ultra-faint brow pigment, brow loss due to Alopecia or as a hassle-free solution to spending hours on your makeup routine. 

The results are semi-permanent and require maintenance. We encourage a follow-up appointment 8 weeks- 6months following your initial microblading procedure. The effects of microblading last anywhere between 12-36 months but the longevity of the pigment will depend on your skin type, aftercare, skincare ingredients, medication and facial treatments.

Areola Restoration

This tattoo artistry can create a three-dimensional appearance of an areola, restore an areola to a more natural color following surgery and reduce the appearance of scars. It adds the finishing touch for women and men following any type of surgery.


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